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5 Recommendations for Good and Safe Body Lotion Products for Brightening Skin

Lots of people, or even MarshaLova herself, sometimes choose a variety of good body lotion brands to have white skin, right? Yes, this is natural considering that everyone wants to have white skin so that they are more confident when dealing with many people. However, did you know that choosing a body lotion product that is widely circulated in the market also needs to be considered carefully so as not to cause side effects in the future.

Therefore, in this discussion, Marsha Beauty will provide some recommendations for body lotion products that have been proven to be safe and reliable for you to use in order to keep skin conditions looking more moist, healthy and of course giving a shiny white effect to support appearance.

Why does one need to use body lotion when the skin condition is wet?

You certainly often neglect the right time to use a good body lotion to brighten your skin, right? This is what ultimately results in the body lotion products used being said to not work optimally in providing a moist or white effect on the body’s skin. So, the results are sometimes disappointing for users. 

Generally, the best time to apply this body lotion product is when the skin is wet. Because, there are several reasons why body lotion needs to be applied when the body’s skin condition is wet.  

  • Body lotion will generally work better when the skin is wet because it has the most optimal moisture.

  • Making the skin moisture condition will last longer than applying it when the skin condition is dry.

  • The fragrance released lasts longer throughout the day.

  • Can save the use of body lotion products.

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Recommended Good Body Lotion Products for Brightening Skin 

In the market itself, generally have a lot of good body lotion products to whiten the body’s skin optimally. However, not a few people are sometimes deceived by a product because they are tempted by the price it offers. Therefore, below are some recommendations for body lotion products that you can use to brighten your skin effectively and safely without any side effects.

Vaseline Hand Body Lotion Healthy White UV Lightening

nice body lotion

A good body lotion brand for whitening skin that you can try is Vaseline Hand Body Lotion Healthy White UV Lightening. In the claims offered, you can see the results of the work of this product after 2 weeks of use. The advantage of this product is that it can absorb into the skin faster without causing a sticky feeling. 

NIVEA Body Care Extra White Instant Glow

nice body lotion

Furthermore, there is a body lotion product from Nivea Body Care Extra White Instant Glow which is able to brighten the skin in one use. Contains 40x Vitamin C from Camu Camu Berry and Nivea Double UV Protection, making skin look bright and protected from harmful sun rays. 

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Natur-e 300 Hand Body Lotion

nice body lotion

Having various variants of body lotion, this product is claimed to be able to brighten the skin, refresh the skin, relieve irritated skin and even be able to regenerate the skin. With affordable prices, you can buy them in various supermarkets, pharmacies, or online.

Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion

nice body lotion

Present as a product that is claimed to be able to moisturize the body’s skin for 24 hours, making this product very popular in the market. With its texture that quickly absorbs into the epidermis layer, you will save more time in its use so that you can directly move outside the home.

Sebamed Hydrating Body Lotion

nice body lotion

If you have skin allergy problems, dry skin and others, it’s a good idea to use this body lotion product. With the content of natural ingredients and safe for the skin, making this body lotion worthy to be a list of safe body skin care and of course able to brighten the skin. 

So, those are some recommendations for good body lotion products for MarshaLova to use in order to get healthy and naturally bright skin.

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