24 Hours of Services in Fullerton Hotel Singapore for Your Trip

Fullerton Hotel Singapore is one of the best places to stay in this country. Many people come to Singapore to have a vacation, business trip, medication, and many other reasons. If you are one of them, this hotel will give you 24 hours of service that will not be disappointing.

You can pamper yourself through Staycation Singapore Deals to choose Fullerton Hotel Singapore as a destination. Why Fullerton? None other than because this hotel will provide proper comfort to pamper yourself.

Various facilities are offered individually for visitors who want to stop for a while to enjoy the beauty of Singapore. At this hotel, you can pamper yourself with the spa facilities that they offer. Stretch your stiff body muscles through a spa that will get rid of your tiredness.

After a day of activities, it’s a good idea to use this facility for peace of mind. In addition, there are also a steam room and sauna facilities that you can use whenever you want to relax your muscles. Especially if you are in Singapore for business, of course, you need to relax your muscles and mind. That is the perfect choice for you. You can also do something else here. So, what can you do next?

Take a Break at Straits Club

You can see the seriousness of Fullerton Hotel Singapore in maintaining the quality of service in every room offered, including the Straits Club. This room type is very suitable for a small family consisting of parents and children.

Equipped with one King bed, you can rest comfortably with your beloved family. Turn on the air conditioner to make the room fresher and adjust the temperature as needed. As entertainment, you can turn on the television while using the minibar. You can even use a coffee or tea maker which is available for free in this room.

Eat Best Cuisine at Restaurant

Many people like spicy food, and others like sweet food. If you go to this hotel, you will know that they serve many different recipes. There are Chinese food, Malayan food, Western food, and also Indian food. The choices are various, and they will make your mood better after having a business schedule or take a walk to many places in Singapore.

The dinner time will be a good time. You can choose to eat outdoor and have a different kind of appetizer, main course, and also dessert. Not only for yourself but also for your partner or friends that come with you.

A warm atmosphere with beautiful scenery will make you feel refreshed. You can see the lamps on the high buildings near there. On your right and left side, floral decorations are excellent for social media status. You can get some photographs there and enjoy the best moment.

Not only for adults, but this hotel is also very friendly to children. They also can stay there and get 24 hours of service. So, come to Singapore and stay in Fullerton Hotel Singapore.